Abu Dhabi

A city with a proud history, beautiful, cultured Abu Dhabi is the primary destination for our developments.

Modon was established to create communities that hold up a mirror to the appeal and charms of the city, reflecting its heritage. The style and spirit of our developments chart the history of the emirate, harkening back to the pearling villages and classical motifs of yesteryear, while conveying a modern outlook with contemporary features.

Vibrant and culturally centered, our communities speak to the beauty and character of the wider region, offering discerning Emiratis a welcoming space to enjoy the lives they aspire to.

 Abu Dhabi

Designing the Abu Dhabi of tomorrow


Modon is inspired by the history of Abu Dhabi. We are motivated by the emirate’s proud past and determined to build on its potential to transform it into one of the best places in the world: to live, visit, and conduct business.

 Abu Dhabi


A city with everything, Abu Dhabi has something for everyone. Your tastes and preferences set the pace of life in the emirate, with the UAE capital boasting artful attractions, luxury retreats, sun-soaked beaches, and alluring dunes perfect for desert picnics.


The old and the new converge beautifully in Abu Dhabi to make the city a modern, forward-facing destination steeped in history and tradition. Its colourful tapestry of cultures and nationalities makes it a welcoming and tolerant place to live or visit.




Abu Dhabi is renowned for the growth and success of its thriving industries, with the hospitality, construction, manufacturing, real estate, and business services sectors presenting investors a number of fantastic opportunities.