Al Mugheirah Bay

Al Mugheirah Bay is a one-stop waterfront destination for retail, entertainment, leisure and lifestyle experiences.


With scenic views of the sea and the protected mangroves, Mugheirah Bay features 17 food and beverage outlets, 30 retail outlets, a multipurpose retail and gaming centre, an events lawn as well as special attractions such as a splash park, skate park, outdoor gym, multi-purpose courts and a laser tag centre and paintball.

The waterfront location is adjacent to a protected mangrove area with expansive views over the sea and the spectacular Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve. Guests can enjoy the beautiful views of the surrounding natural mangroves and access prime vistas from a scenic jetty. The destination's numerous flexible open spaces will allow for temporary leasing areas such as food trucks and kiosks. The robust network of shaded pedestrian routes featuring art installations will create a weaving connection between the adjacent campsite and the northern beach community. Mugheirah Bay spans across 117,645 square metres