Bab Al Nojoum - Al Mugheirah

Bab Al Nujoom - Al Mughira Resort welcomes nature lovers.The only camping site in the UAE that is located within a nature reserve


Bab Al Nojoum is Abu Dhabi’s one of it’s kind glamping spot where people can indulge themselves in their favourite glamping activities.

Located within the Marawah Marine Biosphere, Bab Al Nojoum Al Mugheirah Resort is Abu Dhabi’s latest eco-glamping destination. Here awaits a chance to reconnect with nature while enjoying an access to cozy accomodation options, swimming pools, restaurants and cafes, bike rental stores and what not. Explore the area’s flora and fauna while learning unique and impactful educational experiences that highlight the importance of preserving and sustaining the environment.


At the Bab Al Nojoum - Al Mugheirah Resort

Located within the Marawah Marine Biosphere Reserve, Bab Al Nojoum - Al Mugheirah Resort offers a unique lifestyle experience in harmony with nature and an exquisite selection of accommodation options including 20 one-bedroom Airstream cabins as well as 10 one-bedroom and 10 two-bedroom cabins. The cabins feature private plunge pools, BBQ facilities and a fire pit. Additionally, the resort has a communal swimming pool, restaurant and café, a bike rental store, 4.5 km of specialized cycling trails, walking and jogging trains and a children’s play area, in addition to an educational center for visitors aimed at raising awareness of resort-goers about mangroves and their environmental importance.