Hudayriyat Mar Vista

Hudayriyat Mar Vista is a buzzing beach-hub, boasting a range of unique cultural and environmental attractions unique in their diversity and nature.

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A place of wonder that captures the imagination and never fails to entertain. Hudayriyat Island lies to the west of Abu Dhabi city centre, offering breath-taking views of the capital’s magnificent cityscape.

The island district boasts an impressive number of cultural and environmental attractions that are unique to its location; its diverse, unique landscape making it all the more alluring. Hudayriyat Mar Vista is home to Marsana, Bab Al Nojoum, and Hudayriyat Heritage Trail. It also includes a range of exciting sports and leisure facilities such as Circuit X, 321 Sports, Bike Park, OCR Park, Cycling Track, Hudayriyat Courts, and Hudayriyat Beach.




Perfect for residents and tourists eager to embrace a healthy and active lifestyle, Hudayriyat Mar Vista combines the exotic with the athletic, boasting a range of world-class sport and leisure facilities, as well as designated camping areas and a variety of F&B retail outlets.