Mina Zayed

Modon Properties is one of the appointed developers to execute a comprehensive renovation plan to redevelop designated parts of Mina Zayed.


The three-million square meter project is an integral part of the wider development plans for the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which includes the development of new waterfront projects to enhance the emirate’s position as a leading destination for citizens, residents and tourists alike.

The demolition of Mina Plaza was a strategic first step in the development of Mina Zayed, one of Abu Dhabi’s most prominent destinations. Mina Zayed brings to life the heritage of the emirate, integrating history with contemporary design to evoke a sense of belonging for the people of the emirate. As part of the redevelopment plans, the Department of Municipalities and Transport, along with strategic partners, demolished Mina Plaza towers as a result of the project being unaligned with the future vision of Mina Zayed and the wider emirate.



The development of Mina Zayed will create a vibrant waterfront destination that will appeal to citizens, residents and visitors. Mina Zayed will create a new skyline for Abu Dhabi while conserving its national identity and heritage. The project will aid in further driving the socio-economic progress of the community, positioning Abu Dhabi as one of the best cities in the world.