Modon Properties seeks Emiratis’ opinion on their ideal home with its ‘Build Your Happiness’ survey

ABU DHABI ,  20 December 2017

Modon Properties, the Abu Dhabi-based company building vibrant, sustainable communities and mixed-use developments has launched a survey aimed at Emiratis. The ‘Build Your Happiness’ survey will look to identify nationals’ views and aspirations when it comes to the design of their ideal home.

Modon Properties, the master developer behind the Riyadh City project in Abu Dhabi, is inviting Emiratis to participate in the ’Build Your Happiness’ survey by participating via its website:, or through its social media accounts, Twitter: @ModonProperties and Instagram @ModonProperties. The company aims to take the results of the survey and incorporate them in the company’s villa designs set for the Riyadh City master plan in a bid to ensure that Emiratis’ housing needs and requirements are taken into design and build consideration.

Abdulla Al Sahi, General Manager of Modon Properties, said: “Projects such as Riyadh City are true to our commitment to building sustainable, integrated communities, provide housing services to meet the requirements of UAE nationals, and promote them living prosperous lifestyles centred on family and social stability. We’re keen to use the survey results to explore citizens' preferences when it comes to the design and finishing of their ideal home in Riyadh City.”

The survey has been designed to include four main pillars. The first pillar identifies the demographic data of those participating in the survey, while the second pillar is on participants’ likes and dislikes related to the design of their ideal home. The third pillar asks for participants’ perception on the Riyadh City project, which was announced earlier this month. The fourth and final pillar looks at gathering opinions on the role of Modon Properties and citizens’ expectations of the company.

The data will be collected for two weeks, after which Modon Properties will analyse the data and transform it into residential designs that will be developed within and outside the Riyadh City project. The company announced through its social media channels that its also organising an Open Day in January - open to citizens who have registered on the website and those who participated in the questionnaire - to learn about the role of the company, its services and offerings, and the Riyadh City project.

Modon Properties’ strategy will see it strengthen the housing offering in the Emirate, develop all-inclusive community neighbourhoods, facilitate procedures for citizens by taking full responsibility for the coordination between relative entities, and ensure the implementation of the development and construction work in agreeance with the home owner’s timeline and budget.

Al Sahi revealed that since its establishment, the Modon Properties team has developed a comprehensive and integrated business strategy that includes activating channels of communication with UAE nationals to shed light on the company's role, objectives and services. It is also developing plans for the company's strategic projects - particularly the Riyadh City development, which is one of the most prominent residential projects in Abu Dhabi and the UAE set to be home to 200,000 people by completion.

The 8,000-hectare Riyadh City project will include residential neighbourhoods designed to meet the needs of UAE nationals, and will feature a comprehensive range of public facilities in accordance with the highest international standards of sustainability.