Majority of Abu Dhabi citizens keen to move to Riyadh City

ABU DHABI ,  13 January 2018

  • 76.5% of Emiratis prefer modern designs for their homes
  • 65% of respondents would like for Modon Properties to build their homes
  • Medical centres and schools are the top criteria for Emiratis when choosing an ideal home location
  • Developer to reflect survey results for its Riyadh City project and potentially for its future projects
  • Modon Properties to hold an Open Day for Emirati registrants on January 20

Modon Properties, an Abu Dhabi-based master developer, building vibrant, sustainable communities and strategic mixed-use developments , has revealed the results of its ‘Build Your Happiness’ survey that was conducted in December with the aim of understanding Emiratis’ opinions and expectations when it comes to the design of their ideal home. While 76.5% of UAE Nationals would prefer a modern home design, only 23.5% favour a more traditional design inspired by Emirati culture and heritage. The survey also unveiled participants’ interest in Riyadh City – Modern Properties’ first mixed-use development targeting Emiratis – with a majority expressing a strong desire to move into the new city once complete.

Abdulla Al Sahi, Chief Executive Officer of Modon Properties, stressed the importance of the ‘Build Your Happiness’ survey results and the role they would play in understanding the housing needs and wants of the typical Abu Dhabi Emirati family; he stressed that the company would take into consideration these results when developing the designs of Emirati homes and communities both within and outside of the Riyadh City project.

A number of Emiratis nationwide participated in the survey, the majority of which (51.6%) were within the 25-35 age group, followed by the 36-45 year olds (44.8%) which provided an indication of how housing represents an important priority for younger people.

Al Sahi clarified that the survey gave the Modon Properties team a good outlook on the aspirations of Emirati homeowners; the analytical report will act as a reference point for the developer’s current and future projects, detailing Emirati housing and community preferences according to specific demographic segments including age, geographic location and gender.

Al Sahi also highlighted that Modon Properties is keen to ensure that their villa designs are flexible and diverse, allowing UAE citizens and families to make their desired adjustments and build additional rooms in the future, according to their evolving needs.

Al Sahi said: “The survey title - ‘Build Your Happiness’ was not chosen at random. It reflected the main objective that Modon Properties is striving to achieve, which is to build comprehensive residential communities, and provide integrated housing services that meet the requirements of citizens, in accordance with the funds provided through the national housing loans scheme.”

The survey revealed that 65% of respondents would like Modon Properties to build their home, with the main driving factor for Emiratis to move to Riyadh City being the availability of public facilities, followed by the availability of land and housing loans (for those aged 25-35), and proximity to work and government entities (for those aged 36-45).

Al Sahi stressed that the results of the ‘Build Your Happiness’ survey and the high percentage of Emirati citizens who had expressed a desire for Modon Properties to build their homes act as motivating factors for the Modon team to raise the bar in providing the best residential services, enhancing the overall housing system in Abu Dhabi, developing attractive and integrated communities, and ensuring that all development and construction work is carried out on schedule and within set budgets.

He said: “Modon Properties regards the provision of fully integrated housing services that satisfy the needs of UAE citizens as a top priority when executing its various residential projects. Our first project, Riyadh City, will provide residential, low-density neighbourhoods and public facilities that are in line with the needs and requirements of UAE Nationals, and with the highest standards of sustainability.”

When it came to the criteria affecting the families’ decisions to move to Riyadh City, most respondents agreed that the availability of health centres is the most important factor when choosing the location of their home, with schools, and shopping centres following respectively. The priorities of the female participants in the survey differed, as they ranked schools as the most important factor, followed by shopping centres.

Modon Properties is set to hold an Open Day on January 20 2018 for nationals who have registered on the company's website and for those who participated in the survey. Attendees will get the opportunity to learn more about the role of the company and the services it provides and the projects that are underway. Representatives will also respond to enquiries on the services and benefits available to prospective customers in terms of the ‘A to Z’ construction project management services available to them, which includes managing consultants, contractors and suppliers, and managing the build-up of the project, in order to ensure timely completion within set budgets.

The survey also showed that 94.5% want a home with 5+ bedrooms, and 91.5% want their ideal home to include a courtyard and an outdoor tent space (88%). On the other hand, opinions differed on the need for an elevator in a multi-storey home, where only 51% responded positively.

Participants also prioritised the additional rooms that they preferred to have in their ideal home: a domestic helper’s room came in the lead, followed by room for storage and a laundry room.

The survey – which was open for participation over a 2-week period - was designed to include four main pillars that collect detailed data about Emiratis’ ideal home designs; the first pillar identified the demographic data of those participating in the survey, while the second pillar focused on participants’ likes and dislikes related to the design of their ideal home. The third pillar asked for participants’ perception on the Riyadh City project. The fourth and final pillar looked at gathering opinions on the role of Modon Properties and citizens’ expectations of the company.