A Total Area of 4,000 Hectares; Equivalent to 40% of the Land Area of Abu Dhabi City

ABU DHABI ,  14 April 2019

MODON Awards Preliminary Infrastructure Works Project for South of Riyadh City

Modon Properties (Modon), a development company mandated by the Abu Dhabi government to build vibrant and sustainable communities and develop strategic mixed-use projects in Abu Dhabi, announced that it has awarded the preliminary infrastructure works project in south of Riyadh City (previously known as North Wathba). The project covers 4,000 hectares, equivalent to 40% of the land area of Abu Dhabi island.

The project includes the preliminary works, in preparation for the start of basic infrastructure works in September 2019, which will take place over 5 phases. This will allow citizens a faster construction of their homes, and completion according the plan, with a total 13,000 residential units ready upon completion of the project.

Abdulla Al Sahi, CEO of Modon, said: “The company is implementing a comprehensive plan that translates the vision of the wise leadership, aiming to develop Riyadh City through a variety of projects. These projects help the expansion and urbanization, in line with the future prospects and to enhance integration, quality and safety.

Al Sahi noted that the preliminary works represent the first step of the project and precedes the basic infrastructure works. “The projects feature residential units, public facilities, internal and external roads, lighting, telecommunication, water and sanitation, as well as reduction of groundwater levels,” he added.

Explaining the details of the basic infrastructure project, Al Sahi said: “The first phase will start immediately after awarding the contract, in September 2019. Upon completion, this project will service more than 3,000 residential units, while phase 2 - 5 will start in 2020, and will service more than 10,000 units.”