Modon Properties to sign contracts with Emiratis as of second quarter of the year

ABU DHABI ,  16 January 2018

  • Modon Properties is to provide a range of villa designs approved by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities
  • Open Day set for Emiratis on January 20 to shed light on the company’s plans and projects
  • Modon Properties to open a designated sales centre by the end of the first quarter of the year

Modon Properties, an Abu Dhabi-based master developer, building vibrant, sustainable communities and strategic mixed-use developments, has announced that Emirati citizens who wish to enlist Modon Properties to build their homes in Riyadh City will be able to start signing contracts with the company during the second quarter of this year. This announcement was made this morning at an event held at the developer’s Abu Dhabi headquarters.

Emirati citizens can choose their preferred home design from a set of ready-made models which have been approved by the Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities. Modon Properties will then provide them with cost effective solutions within the housing loan, and according to the homeowner’s needs and budget.

During the press conference, Abdulla Al Sahi, Chief Executive Officer of Modon Properties, reviewed the company’s future plans and projects - including the opening of vendor registration later this month, and provided updates of its first major project, Riyadh City. Al Sahi said: “The infrastructure work in the northern area of Riyadh City is already complete, and development plans for the infrastructure of the southern area are already well underway.”

The developer is organising an Open Day on January 20 for Emirati citizens to introduce the company’s role, services, and its future projects, as well as shed light on the ‘A to Z’ benefits of having Modon Properties build their home. It will reveal some of its villa designs which were predominantly based on the outcomes of the “Build Your Happiness” survey, which was recently conducted by the company to have a more realistic understanding of Emiratis’ ideal home.

Al Sahi stressed the company’s commitment to build integrated and sustainable urban communities and multi-use strategic projects, that would ensure the well-being of the UAE citizens and to provide them with their ideal home. Al Sahi added: “Attending the Open Day will allow Emiratis to get familiar with our mandate, our projects, the developments of the Riyadh City project, and to get on the spot answers to their enquiries related to our projects - inside and outside Riyadh City.”

Al Sahi announced that the company intends to open its sales and services centre in the coming few weeks to provide people with more information about its services, and to have a better look at the various villa models being developed by the company. He added: “Modon Properties relies on an efficient and cost-effective system that ensures our customers get their ideal home. Our flexible and diverse villa designs reflect the needs and requirements of the modern-day Emirati family, and take into consideration our heritage, cultural and environmental characteristics, while our project management services remove the stress that normally comes with building one’s ideal home.”

Modon Properties is committed to its mission of enhancing the housing sector in Abu Dhabi, developing attractive and integrated communities, facilitating the procedures by ensuring coordination between all related entities, and ensuring that all development and construction work is carried out on schedule and within set budgets.