Who we are?
We develop vibrant and unique leisure destinations to support the offerings of Abu Dhabi and contribute to its growth.
What we do?
Lifestyle destinations

We deliver vibrant and culturally centered destinations. They are artfully designed and expertly constructed to delight citizens, residents, and tourists alike. Our remarkable havens, with their rich offering of leisure and recreational attractions, bear all the hallmarks of their locations’ proud heritage, being inspired by local history and culture. Offering a range of specially curated lifestyle experiences, these exciting developments welcome visitors to explore the distinctive wonders of nature.

Modon is committed to empowering Abu Dhabi’s citizens, residents and visitors to lead rich, fulfilling lives. We deliver happiness.
Bill O’Regan,
Chief Executive Officer
Abu Dhabi continues to experience consistent economic growth, through the development of extensive and sustainable projects, aligned with the UAE’s sustained pace of development. Modon buoys the economic and social growth of Abu Dhabi, promoting its status as an outstanding global business and leisure destination, by launching exciting projects that empower residents and tourists to enjoy the highest quality of experiences. Inspired by Abu Dhabi’s vision to become a principal example of high-quality urban development, Modon is dedicated to applying the highest of international standards to its projects, creating a diverse range of world-class modern destinations across the emirate.
Our Values

We are steadfast and confident in our partnership and commitment towards implementing the vision of our stakeholders, the Abu Dhabi Government.


We are dynamic, smart, and progressive. We display an entrepreneurial mindset to proactively challenge market conventions, creating a better way of building growth for greater good.


Our intent is driven by a complete connection with all stakeholders, internally and externally. We think holistically and grow together: as an organisation and as an emirate.


We create and design with meaning and purpose. We build and shape in a way that considers the wider narrative of our emirate and provides sustainable long-term impact.

Completed Projects
Awards & Achievements
Our pioneering projects have earned us several entries in the Guiness World Records.
  • Mina Plaza Demolition
    Mina Plaza was the world’s tallest building to be demolished using explosives. The four high-rise towers, comprising a total of 144 floors, were demolished in 10 seconds, with stable non-primary explosives placed in 18,000 drill holes within the structure
  • Surf Abu Dhabi
    Surf Abu Dhabi is the biggest and most advanced wave facility in the world. Designed in partnership with Kelly Slater Wave Co., the landmark destination offers a high-performance surfing experience, featuring the world’s longest ride, biggest barrel