Creating vibrant communities Modon develops vibrant communities across Abu Dhabi, providing dynamic lifestyle and leisure opportunities for its residents, visitors and tourists ⁠across the Emirate. Our state-of-the-art developments offer a broad range of commercial properties, including recreational, facilities; innovation and technology hubs, retail outlets; eclectic food and beverage offerings, and much more!
Hudayriyat Mar Vista
Hudayriyat Mar Vista is a buzzing beach-hub, boasting a range of unique cultural and environmental attractions unique in their diversity and nature.
Al Mugheirah Bay
Al Mugheirah Bay is a one-stop waterfront destination for retail, entertainment, leisure and lifestyle experiences with scenic views of the sea and the protected mangroves.
Enjoy a wide range of attractions and amenities, including a skate park, a children’s splash park and play area, easy access to the public beach, an outdoor gym, cycle paths, and a marina with a wooden pier.
Mamsha Al Mugheirah
Mamsha Al Mugheirah is connecting Bab Al Nojoum - Al Mugheirah Resort and Mugheirah Bay waterfront together. Mamsha Al Mugheirah has a Surface area of 690 square metres and is 2 kilometres
Hudayriyat Heritage Trail
Meandering through lush trees and pristine white sands along the scenic waterfront, the trail provides a glimpse into the lives of the pearl divers who once dove off the shores of Hudayriyat Island in pursuit of pearls.
The Courtyard Mall
The Courtyard Mall is the first of several community retail malls to open in Riyadh City which contains a Lulu Supermarket, 12 independent retail units, and seven restaurants and cafes.
The new market offers a unique shopping experience with the design incorporating themes associated to the legacy of Abu Dhabi’s fishing trade and preserves the fish market’s history of more than forty years.