The Procurement Department within Modon is committed to fulfill the vision of our leadership by procuring best practices and cost-effective solutions in a sustainable manner that add value to the local communities and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Our procurement philosophy is devised with maximum transparency and integrity of the end-to-end procurement cycle. Our policies and processes were developed to maintain strong governance and cater for consistent, effective, reliable and automated approach towards all procurement undertakings.

Procurement responsibilities are mainly revolved around:
  • Vendors Registration & Prequalification
  • Sourcing & Tendering
  • Contracts Management and Administration
  • Vendors Performance Management
Modon have now completed digitization and full automation of all procurement related activities by adopting:
  • Online registration and prequalification
  • e-Tendering
  • e-Contract Management
  • Online Payment Applications and Invoice Processing

The e-procurement system is now launched to market and prospective vendors have already been given the access to log in to the new system be able to receive invitations to bid.
Should you have any inquiry, please contact us at


Register / Prequalified
Received tenders
Respond to tenders
Award Contract

Registered/Prequalified Vendor? Click here to access the Modon Vendor Portal.


If you are not registered yet, please click on Vendor Registration.



Yes, registration is a mandatory for any tender submission with Modon.

To register your company, please follow the link marked “Register Here”. “Register here”. Kindly complete all relevant sections and submit for approval. Once submitted, the Modon procurement team will review your application and will get back to you promptly..

No, if you have a contract with Modon, then your profile already exists. Kindly send a request to Modon at to create user account.

Try logging in using the link “Access the application”. Use the email address as the username and click forget password to get a link to reset password. Note: while registering, you have to add contacts with the same email ID and select the “Create Administrative Account” and also “Create user account” first.

Right now, tenders are not public. All invitations will be sent directly by Modon.

Correct and complete bank details are important as payments are made based on bank account information added in the system.

Yes, during registration you are asked to sign off a general Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Yes, you should select from the dropdown list of multiple categories under products and services (Whichever applicable to your commercial licenses activities). You must select third level category to make sure you are searchable in the system. Selection of the main category alone will not be sufficient you will need to select all of the sub-categories.

If you cannot find any category relevant to your trade then contact us at so we can advise you.

You should register each company individually with its own trade license and bank details. Moreover, you are requested to attach the parent company or holding company license for further reference.

Registration does not guarantee the invitation to all or any of the tenders. However, you will be listed as a potential vendor for any upcoming opportunity. For any vendor who wishes to be considered for work, it is mandatory to be registered with Modon.

You will receive an email notification inviting you to express your interest to participate in a specific tender. Please make sure that all contact details including alternate emails and contacts are clearly and correctly added during registration.

You can send us your queries at